Shared Node-RED development on app server

Hi folks,

We're making headway on moving PLC programming, MQTT, and Node-RED operations to an app server but I'm not quite understanding part of the Node-RED instructions. The paragraph here has me a little tripped up-,users%20are%20correct.
Could I get some guidance on what modification I need to make here? This is my config right now-

My goal is for admins and a potential developer to be able to access the administrative functions and flows in our prototype in a way that doesn't have us tripping over each other while working on the program.

Thanks for your help, y'all!

I think you may have miss understood the purpose of those instructions.

To be clear, those are specifically for allowing multiple users on Windows to run multiple totally separate instances of Node-RED (on different ports) at the same time and to share the same collection of globally installed nodes. (This basically saves disk space by not having multiple copies of NR or the extra nodes installed for each user)

What I think you mean here is that you want multiple users to be able access a single running instance of Node-RED and all the users work on things at the same time. While Node-RED does support multiple users with either full access or read only access to the editor, concurrent editing of the flow is something that is in need of some improvement and is being worked on.

At the moment if there are 2 (or more) users working with the same instance each time one of the users deploys any changes the other users will be notified and given the option to merge the changes, but there is no way to lock nodes/flows to prevent 2 users making changes at the same time.

Ahh yes, it seems I did have a misunderstanding with it.

This is what I was hoping I could accomplish with it, I'm happy to hear it's being worked on. I bet it's not a simple problem to solve.

I like that this is an existing feature. Our PLC programming software doesn't have either of these features, so version history has become very important.

Do I need to make the changes from that paragraph?

I bet it's not a simple problem to solve.

Yeah, it's a complicated and there are multiple possible paths (e.g. locking vs constant dynamic updates shown to all users like Google docs).

Do I need to make the changes from that paragraph?

No, you can probably ignore those instructions if here will only be one instance of Node-RED running (and even if you had more, the utility of the changes is minimal under most situations)

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