Shared Node-RED Project Across Multiple RPi's

I'm not super savvy with Git & GitHub yet (learning, slowly but surely) and I've been playing with Node-RED projects for the past few days learning how to get projects setup and linked to a GitHub repository from my various Pi's.

I'm looking for help to understand how to best transition several Pi's that are already currently running Node-RED with the same flows in a production environment and get them all setup equivalently using Node-RED projects, all linked to the same GitHub repository? One of them is already setup using Node-RED projects and linked to a GitHub repository.

I am wanting to get to a place where if tweaks and changes are made on any one of the Pi's it will be easy to push/pull code to/from GitHub to keep them all in sync.

Depending on the number of devices you need to manage I suggest you check Balena:
It pretty much solves the issue of "Push once. update many"

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Thanks for the info. Balena certainly looks like it would do the trick but it is also more than I need or want. I'm only managing a handful of devices specific to an in-house manufacturing process... so I'm trying to keep it simple without adding other various services.

Ansible would be another possibility, you could not only use it for updating the flows across the network but also for setting up the Pis in the first place.

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