Sharing with non-technical friends and coworkers

Hi, at my previous job I tried to convince my co-developers to use more nocode or low-code tools, but wasn't quite successful. I wanted to share with non-technical people or data analysts how a part of the product works. The main argument against that was that developers thought to be quicker with code only.

So later I made a little video to gather some feedback from non-technical friends, to see if they understand it better. Shared it on facebook as well and got the feedback that it was quite understandable, but still technically overwhelming for some. Youtube analytics however show a dip once I say "This is how it works"...

So what's your experience with sharing your flows? Do you share them only with more technically versed people?

I'm asking because I work in the UI/UX-field, but as a dev flow-charts are also pretty normal to me. I'd like to find out how to communicate well about designing systems.

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