The "Library" - just in passing


Ok, I know I am not exactly one to talk, but.....

I just went on a quick look at the library web page:
The library

There is an option to see flows as well as nodes.

Sure: Share your stuff. No problem.

But I see some weird things:
A flow called a. That's it.
I open the tab and the flow is there.
No description that I can see.
(I checked three times.)
(Make that 4)

Clicking the about at the top is more about the library than about the flow.

I know I'm no rogue scholar, but I would think that when people upload a flow, somewhere there would be a description.

Ok, that was only uploaded 6 hours ago and I can't really complain that things get through the cracks.

But there is another one 6 days old. It is called qq.

Opening it, it has:



But again: not much in telling you what it is/done.

Yeah, there is the github link.

I'm only mentioning.

Why isn't there a "What this flow does" included when they are uploaded so people can see what they do at the library level, rather than having to go to github?



There is no curation of the flows uploaded to the library. We rely too much on individuals choosing to upload good quality flows rather than just upload any old rubbish. That does mean there are lots of flows that are no value and really need to be cleaned up.

Because who ever contributed that flow chose not to include any description.

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It was all just mentioned and I was just asking.

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