Shelly 1 temperature add on

Hi there,

I have a shelly 1 running ( switching works with a flow ) and added the temperature add on and 3 sensors. I can see the temps using the shelly url, but can't it to run in node red ....

This is my mqtt - shellies/shelly1-E8DB84AC09A8/ext_temperature/<1>
Debug shows me nothing ?

thx Bastian

Check your mqtt subscription setting. How does it look? Show that part of your flow

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Try shellies/shelly1-E8DB84AC09A8/ext_temperature/0, and shellies/shelly1-E8DB84AC09A8/ext_temperature/1, and shellies/shelly1-E8DB84AC09A8/ext_temperature/2

Or... to get all 3 temperatures in a object, try shellies/shelly1-E8DB84AC09A8/ext_temperatures
Note that it's temperatures and not temperature

If you install MQTT Explorer then you can easily see what is being published and what the values are. It is an invaluable tool.


That seemed to be the problem, THX you :wink:

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