Show an image on the dashboard

I have an image of size 1280x800 contained in an Array. The Array is one dimensional with length 1280x800. I would like to be able to plot the corresponding image in the dashboard. I saw examples that loads the image from a file, but as i already have an array, i don't want to save the image and reload it. If the array have to be converted/reshape, i guess it is ok. Is there a solution ?

Yes / depends.

What kind of data is in this array? Is it simple RGB pixels? Is it a jpeg? Is it base64 encoded PNG?

The answer depends on what it is.

this is actualy raw greyscale data. maybe a convertion is needed ?

I suspect yes.

Have a look at this post I did for another users. It uses the image-tools library & loops through his data using setPixel functions to re-constitute and image from raw data.

Should get you started.

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