Siemens 1500 at the enterprise + Node Red. Automation of production - Modbus+SNMP and other features

There is experience polling the siemens 1500 controller with the output of information on a dashboard. If anyone is interested in such an experience, ask questions, I will gladly share the experience.
In coal mining, I manage an automated process control system. Node Red gives very great opportunities in connecting different protocols such as SNMP, MODBUS and others. I ask the Siemens 1500 controller: the status of the units and the number of hours of operation of each device. I also poll some devices using SNMP in order to count the number of hours worked by the equipment. Also through node red I connect to the SQL database, read data from it, and also write to it after certain calculations performed inside Node red.

I hope there are people with whom we can exchange interesting experience in the field of automation of production, I wish everyone a good mood and before communication.


Hi Alex.
is it possible to trigger an output from plc siemens through node-red?

Hello jneto!
using red node, it is possible to poll analog and discrete PLC outputs, as well as write control signals to the register.

This means that using node red it is possible to create your own custom version of WINCC

Did I understand your question correctly?

yes.I wanted to know exactly about that, thank you!

Yes, very good thought. Could you pls explain how to take registers to SQL & dashboard, with node red samples.

Hi, Rsich

To poll the Siemens controller I use this node

To work with the database, this one

Hi @Aklex1,

Did you use an adicional hardware to insert node-red? for industrial purposes(just like IIoT), i tried to use ibm cloud to skip the hardware, but i think i cant.

My head of automation in our company bought me a whole server for working with databases. I installed NODE JS and NODE RED on it
Also on this server, I created a chatbot that collects requests from employees in the database. And managers quickly receive information about the work of the complex. Chatbot made on the basis of RED BOT and connected to Viber
{{ ChatBOT}} Node red + MySQL + Viber

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