{{ ChatBOT}} Node red + MySQL + Viber

Hello everyone, did anyone do a chatbot?
Guys, share your impressions. Recently I launched a chatbot that records my wife’s clients to her for a manicure!
Chatbot so far only works in Viber
He can:

  • Read the name of the interlocutor.
  • Writes 2 parameters to the database when accessing it with the word hello. The chatid and name are written to the database
  • The choice provides 7 days of the week for recording, after selecting the day, provides a choice of session time. If the session time was previously taken, then this time is not issued to the client
  • upon command / recording, it gives out all records approved by the master for a whole week
  • Sends the chatbot owner a notification with the date, time, Name, phone about the new booking of the session. After which he asks to approve the reservation or cancel
  • Sends a message to the client "Your reservation is approved, come to the session at xx date xx time, goodbye"

The plans add:

  • Reminder of the session to the client and the master (to my wife :sunglasses:)
    -Editing the work schedule for the wizard. If suddenly the schedule has shifted or the client has just booked by phone
  • Mass mailing to all subscribers with the announcement of the action or bonus days
  • A complete system of loyalty and bonuses

Tools: Node red + MySQL + Viber (Partner registration for chatbot)

Regards, Alexander Miller

I've done chatbots using Telegram. I've had a few attempts at trying to do them with other bot enabled tools but they are all too hard to be worth the effort, the bot part at least is trivial in Telegram and Telegram is well supported in Node-RED.

You may also want to look at a node that implements Rivescript. Rivescript is a tool specifically for helping with conversational interfaces.

Based on the screenshot the set of nodes used is node-red-contrib-chatbot, which includes a node for Rivescript :slight_smile:

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the IBM Watson package has a very powerful and cool snap-in. But there is not enough time to learn the functionality and do something interesting. And so you can use the API of any online service that voices the text

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