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A generic question for a specific application.
I have started testing Sigfox and I see the messages being sent by the Pi and well received on the Sigfox backend service.

I would like now to get the message from the Sigfox backend into a node on another Pi and from there build up a dashboard.

My question is about how do I get the data from the Sigfox backend into a local node. Looking for advices on how to structure this.

Thank you

Acording to the overview, there seem to be 2 methods. A defined callback which is triggered when a device sends data to the Sigfox cloud and a REST API.

Either could potentially be used with Node-RED I would think. However, the callback method probably requires you to expose your own endpoint and so security would be key. The REST API wouldn't need that but it is a polling method, you have to go get some data rather than having it delivered.

Sigfox Cloud Integration | Sigfox build

Thanks for the hint.
Using the Sigfox resources, I managed to build the API REST. They have an automatic feature to do that. I received the credentials to use it.
My next step is now to understand on the nodered side how to use the credentials to access the API and get the messages in a node. I am not sure.... I think this should be the direction.

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There have been quite a few examples in the forum over the years. First you need to know what kind of authentication is being used. The API docs should say. Then you will most likely need to set the credential in an http header. The request node lets you do this.

Sorry completely 1/2 way off topic, have you ever looked at LoraWAN?

I did study a bit more the Sigfox documentation. The recommended way to retrieve messages from the Sigfox backend is to set a call-back pointing to a receiver device. I did test it using a webhook on Losant and every time the Sigfox backend receive a message from the device, it is posted to the webhook. Cool, it works!

Since I need to receive the data on my nodered instance (local) and I am not finding my way around with Losant to relay the message to my nodered instance, I am trying to find a way to safely point the Sigfox callback to my nodered instance. I have found this node-red-contrib-webhookrelay (node) - Node-RED. Does anyone have any experience with this node? Is there any alternative ?
Thank you.

There aren't infrastructures of any type in the radius of 20-30 km from the device but Sigfox or satellite.
Tankwa Karoo National Park
Sigfox sounds to me the cheapest solution.

Yes you are quite right, 77KM away.

How many nodes are you deploying?

You always can place your own gate way or two.

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