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Hi all, I want to receive a SigFox http message on my local node-red running on the server. I use the http in node to receive this message with the url /SigFox, in the SigFox backend i use to send the message. This message is never seen by nodered. Doing the same using an IBM node-red the message is received. So my question is how do i receive a htttp in call back from SigFox on my local nodered?

Don't you need to add the port number in the url?

That[quote="Paul-Reed, post:2, topic:21356"]
Don't you need to add the port number in the url?

That assumes the 'local node-red' is actually exposed to the internet at all.

@Meng can you describe a bit more about how/where your local node-red is running?

I suspect you mean you have it on your home network, which means it is not publicly accessible - so the SigFox service cannot reach it. It would work on the IBM Cloud instance because that has a publicly accessible url.

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You are right the node-red is only accessible via the local network. How should i change this? MQTT on the other hand is working.

This may help you -

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