Simple arduino-node red project


hello everyone. I’m working with DHT11 sensor to monitor the temperature. However i need to add control limits, such as the buzzer will buzz if temp exceed the limits. does anyone know any flow that might be work?




You are going to need to work through some of the logic yourself as we can’t predict how you need to do things.

For example, where will the buzzer sound. On the Arduino or on the Node-RED host platform?

If on the Arduino, you will need to set up 2-way comms between it and NR. How is the Arduino connected to the host platform? Serial? Network?



I do something similar - I have multiple wemos’s with a dht22 attached plugged in at sport around the house. The arduino code formats the data and sends it to NR via MQTT. Then in NR I can do what I want.

In your case, if the buzzer is to be on the arduino, you shoud be able to do this entriely on the arduino. If you want to have the buzzer on the Pi, as Julian says, you will need to send the data to the Pi