Simple flow not working as expected

Hello, new user here... I'm trying to figure out why a flow isn't working as expected.

First, though, I've exported the flow from Node-Red which is installed inside my Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi. I'm attaching it as a json file and I'm hopeful that folks here can read it. Let me know if it's not useable as attached.

My flow is designed to turn my desk lamp on and off via a motion sensor and during work hours I want it to go off after 10 min unless the motion sensor picks up another motion. On weekends I want the delay to be only 2 min.

The way it is now, it is turning on correctly with motion, and turns off correctly on weekends - but during the week it does not wait 10 min before going off.

I suspect there is some basic logic with one or more of these nodes that I don't fully grasp, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated.

flows.json (3.3 KB)

Well, good morning and welcome!
When you export a flow like that you also have to list/inform what nodes you are using. Importing your flow without having the same nodes installed will not work (most of your flow is based on non-default nodes). So if you wan't someone to give you professional help, please update your posting with necessary information

Ok, thanks for the info. So, for someone to see my flow, they must install the same nodes I'm using? And do they need just the name of the node, or the node's ID#?

If they are nodes you have installed then we need to know what you installed, node-red-contrib-something possibly. However, you mentioned home assistant, if they are HA nodes then that means only those using HA can run your flow, I believe.

Right, that makes sense... so maybe my best bet is to search Home Assistant resources for help with Node Red so everyone is starting on the same page.


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