Simple Open AND and Close Flow

This is for Open and Close Gate
I'm having an issue with a flow in which I can't solve. I have tried several configuration but unable to get it done correctly. Here is change node set as
and here are the debug errors I'm receiving

Your post does not say what node.
Please post a simple flow showing issue, so we can see what is occurring.
How to import/export a flow

I have edited the topic category as this is not about developing a node.

Pure guessing: msg.payload isn't an object, but coming in e.g. as string.
Insert a debug node before the change node to verify the msg object that is sent.

Here is the node

Well it certainly won't work if you inject a timestamp into the change node, as msg.payload.status will not exist.

Here it is working.

Can you see the issue of posting an image?


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