Slack Bolt Node

Want to share my first public Node-red node.

This Slack integration is based on Slack Bolt, it is a framework from Slack.

Unfortunately the existing Slack nodes are not complete or old and deprecated. Last point was a pain for my projects.

However with my node, user are able to

  • send simple messages or Slack Blocks
  • add every possible listener for slack e.g. events, actions, commands, shortcuts ...

Unfortunately it is a node version >=18 needed.

In future I will add some videos, about the Slack App Configuration and Slack Events.

Github: GitHub - fishme/node-red-contrib-slack-bolt: Control your Slack App via Node-Red! Slack Bolt integration.

Side note
I used the starter from GitHub - alexk111/node-red-node-typescript-starter: šŸ Quick-start template repository for creating new Node-RED node sets in TypeScript.
but long time no updates. :frowning:
So my node use the newest node versions, if someone is looking for a good Typescript base. If there will be no update soon, will also create a new repo for this.

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing.

In regard to the above, have you looked at using ESBUILD to transcode to v14 to match the Node-RED baseline? Doesn't work for everything but it is pretty good.