Slider value vs Slider display value

Hi All

I have a slider set to 0 to 1023 for PWM on a ESPEasy.
I would like the slider value on the UI to show 0 to 15,000 but still send 0 to 1023 to the ESPEasy via mqtt.

Any pointer will be appreciated.


Welcome to the forum @Zodiac-69.

You can configure the slider to show 0 to 15000 and then feed the output through a Range node configured to scale the input range 0 to 15000 to the output range 0 to 1023. Feed it into a debug node initially to make sure it is doing what you expect.

Hi Colin

Thank you for the rapid responce... It works 100%
Still new to N-R, started last night.
On a different "node", instead of posting a new topic, my slider send a value to mqtt and mqtt to espeasy.
The message looks like this - ESP_Easy/1/cmd,PWM,12, = 75 instead of ESP_Easy/1/cmd,PWM,12,75.
How do i get rid of the "=" in the message?

Export the relevant nodes and post it here. Use the </> button and paste it in.

Hi Colin
Here is the node. Everything is working as i want, only the slider is not working as i need.


I presume that is node-red-contrib-something but I don't know anything about esp_easy (I use Tasmota) so I don't think I can help with this one. Probably best to start a new thread with title indicating the problem and then probably someone who does know about it should be able to help.

Hi Colin
I don't think it is ESPEasy issue, this is what i see in my MQTT broker - mosquitto - and for some reason there is an "=" that should not be there.
As you can see, sending a command to switch the port on the ESPEasy on/off is the same and it works.

Add a debug node showing what is going to the MQTT node and post what you see and, as I asked before, post the flow that generates that.
It is late now so I won't be able to look again till tomorrow.

Hi Colin
Thank you for your patience and assistance.
I have managed to resolve the issue.
The slider send a int where ESP is expecting "text" so i used a "template node" to convert the int to text.

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