SMA Home EnergyMeter part 3


@Becker i saw your node-red Home-Energymeter Code and have questions about it.

How do I get values? There is action when they will be published.

thanks in advance

the SMA EM/SHM is sending a multicast message every second, you have to join group

I have the same, but where the data goes? Can you show me a flow with a debug output? that would be nice. And if possible, the influxdb part too. thank you very much

Here the flows:
SMA EM.json (46.7 KB)
SMA SHM2.json (58.6 KB)

the Energy Meter has other Offsets.
You can put Debug wherever you want.

Thanks, I still have no output with debug
Which flow is for the home manager 2?
The output for the influxdb is not in the flow :frowning:

SHM2: Sunny Home Manager 2
EM: Energy Meter
Influx output is in SHM2.

just try:

        "id": "6fa3a49d.1e4bec",
        "type": "udp in",
        "z": "4726af68.c62a98",
        "name": "SMA HM",
        "iface": "",
        "port": "9522",
        "ipv": "udp4",
        "multicast": "true",
        "group": "",
        "datatype": "buffer",
        "x": 80,
        "y": 20,
        "wires": [
        "id": "bee7c399efad0245",
        "type": "debug",
        "z": "4726af68.c62a98",
        "name": "",
        "active": false,
        "tosidebar": true,
        "console": false,
        "tostatus": false,
        "complete": "false",
        "statusVal": "",
        "statusType": "auto",
        "x": 270,
        "y": 20,
        "wires": []

you have to get every second a buffer:

if you don´t get data, your RPi isn´t able to join multicast group.

thanks - i had it running in docker bridge-mode, that causes problems with multicast.

andere frage: gibt es kummulierte werte? mit sbf-spot kann ich wunderbar kummulierte werte des WR abrufen, geht das im HM nicht?

warum schreibst du mich nicht direkt an und lässt mich hier auf englisch abquälen ? :-1:

was meinst du für kummulierte Werte?

mehr gibt´s nicht.

Wie schreibe ich direkt an?

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