Smart metering electrical within nodered as a portal


Is it a possible to collect and gather data from 15,000 houses and it's data to then monitor, every household and theirs usage of kw, larms, trends and etc. The monitoring platform would nodereds dashboard, is that achievable? how will it fit on a large scale,

Yes it is. That is exactly what utilities are doing with smart meters (in the UK anyway)
A smart meter costs more than a traditional one and realistically offers very little to the consumer so their adoption depends on government pressure on the utilities.

I believe a smart meter reports consumption over mobile phone networks.
If you have developed a way to capture consumption data from older meters you could use mobile data or maybe LoRa to report it.

Depends what you want it to show. Certainly you could develop a prototype in Node-red.
If you get a reading every 30 minutes you are looking at 130 million records in a year. Make sure your database server is up to the task.

In the UK, not without being registered as a "DCC other" user, which is expensive. You would also need the consent of all 15000 meter households.

Details here:

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Is this a continuation of your earlier thread?

Yes, I've found a solution to everything beside the monitoring platform, they want to charge me with a meter point, meaning per house if a meter is installed, it would be a 50 cent I've to every month, if you times the nr of house's with 50 cent, that's a lot of money every month.

So I've played with nodered before if its, it's way cheaper and has more functionality in what they offer, one thing I'm not certain though is, can it handle so many meter points

It will very much depend on what you intend to do with the data and how much manipulation will be done and timeframes involved.

As NR is essentially Single threaded - you will have to design and architect around sideways expansion i.e. run multiple copies of NR on different data sets etc.

This would also extend to running things like back end databases in seperate virtual/physical servers and offloading functions that would typcially end up blocking (such as database queries, integrations and the like from NR to the database system itself)


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