Smarthome integrations


After a while I got the need to make different IoT solutions in my house work together, and integrating not-so-smart or not-open things as well. Currently very satisfied with

  • Netatmo reporting too high C02 levels, then jamming up the ventilation. Sounds easy, but the ventilationsystem is not exactly made for this. Upgraded it to a controller with built in webserver and then reversed engineered that. Got a node out on github now, Komfovent, using the ajax calls to send commands and cherio to pull out sensor data. Also, if indoor temperature is over a threshold, and outdoor temp is lower, ventilation is cranked up high.

  • Alarmcompany does not want to open their platform. Verisure. Spent some time reversing their app and later discovered a neat and maintained nodejs package for the purpose. Now built node-red nodes on that, extracting all sorts of sensor data and alarm state. If alarm is now turned on, my smarthome solution is set to away as well.

  • My smarthome vendor, Futurehome, got a neat zwave based solution. However, quite simple and wife-friendly, so have to use node-red for anything advanced. They have node-red support, with a neat main site node, that hooks on to an event stream from them. Anything happening in the house, I get an event to node-red as well.


Nice, I am using a similar Python package, I have built a script that runs outside of NR and communicates status changes via mqtt to tell the home automation about the arming state. Very useful indeed.