SNMP node - entering data in 'timeout' works backwards

Can someone verify this and it is verified I'll open an issue.

It seems that entering values in the 'timeout' option are backwards.

When I click before the number 5 and then type 2, the result is 52 not 25. If I then place the cursor after the 2 and enter '4' instead of getting 524, I get 453.

Running on macOS Ventura
Node-RED v3.0.2
Node.js v18.12.1

Weird! You are right. What browser? I'm using MS Edge.

Doesn't happen in Firefox.

Works in FireFox for me too but acted up in Safari and Chrome.

I'll open an issue.

Issue: SNMP node - entering data in ā€˜timeoutā€™ works backwards Ā· Issue #970 Ā· node-red/node-red-nodes Ā· GitHub

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Fixed in v1.0.6