Software Flow Control to be added to nodered-node-serialport

This node supports hardware flow control, but not software flow control (aka xonxoff)

The underlying node-serialport library supports this, though the documentation is being queried as per this post here Documentation issues with flow control, break signals, buffering · Issue #1563 · serialport/node-serialport · GitHub

That said I believe the feature is fairly simple to implement code-wise and I'd be happy to do so, but may need some guidance on how to achieve this as this will be my first node project.

I'm raising this here as directed by the issue template on GitHub - node-red/node-red-nodes: Extra nodes for Node-RED repo which directed me to discuss in this forum before raising.

Does anyone have any suggestion on the way I should proceed or if there is an alternative route to speak to a serial device using NodeRed which needs software flow control?

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