Solar and 12V Narrowboat System

I have a node red flow chart that controls solar panels and a 12 volt system on my narrowboat IS anyone able to look at it and confirm it is working as optimally as possible
Many thanks

@GypGC Welcome to the forum!

Someone might be able to help you but you need to provide more information. If you want someone to look at your flow, you need to provide the flow.

Hello @GypGC, and welcome aboard. As @zenofmud suggests, you should post your entire flow. If you have a working system that resolves issues specific to your situation, you might want to post to the "Share Your Projects" category so that people will understand that you have a fully functional project.

When you mention "optimally," it would help to know specifically what it is you want to optimize. I know a little bit about narrowboat electrics and would be interested in having a look at your flow.

Hi zenofmud and drmibell

Thanks for replying and thanks for the welcome, being very new to all this I wasn't sure if I would get any replies and hence didn't provide the flow and to be brutally honest didn't know how to Searched on the forum and read 'How ro share code or flow json' Hopefully i got it right If you guys can see it I guess I have


It looks like you only exported a single inject node. When you click the Export option of the hamburger menu, make sure to select the All Flows tab

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