[solved] Extracting value from String after http request

I am new with node red and now I love it.
I have already connected my Fronius and Volkszähler with node-red-contrib-fronius-solar and node-red-contrib-volkszaehler withe no problems.

Now I want to connect our heating from ETA Heiztechnik GmbH

I can read the amount of wood pellets via:

With HTTP-request I get that as a one string:

<eta xmlns="http://www.eta.co.at/rest/v1" version="1.0"> <value uri="/user/var/40/10201/0/0/12015" strValue="2673" unit="kg" decPlaces="0" scaleFactor="10" advTextOffset="0">26730</value>

With a funktion

msg.payload = msg.payload.split('strValue="')[1].substr(0,4);
msg.payload = Number(msg.payload);
return msg;

I can extract the amount of pellets = 2673

Now I have a problem:
If there is only 999 , than substr(0,4) will not work.

So how can I serach and extract the value for 4 digits and 3 digits or 2 digets?

You can use the MXL node to parse the xml and have access to your value regardless of text parsing.

Perfect it wokrs.

Thank you very much

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