[Solved] Help with node-red-contrib-ui-ping and node-red-node-ping

Hey all,

I had Node-Red running on my Synology within a Docker-Container. Due to several reasons I switched the configuration and have now Node-Red running as an adapter within IO-Broker ... But Node-Red is still being my main automation application.

Now the problem: Allthough all nodes that communicate with devices within my physical network work flawlessly, the PING nodes (node-red-contrib-ui-ping and node-red-node-ping) do not receive any ping.
Before Node-Red ran as an adapter, I had no problem with that.

Can anybody help? What is the reason for that? How can I fix that?


the node-red-node-ping version shells out to an OS version of ping... so that has to be available within the container. It must also support the parameters -n , -w and -c.

Alright. Thanks, that helps. So I have to make it run on an other way.

In Docker Terminal
chmod 4755 /bin/ping

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