Cant ping from Flow

New to Node-Red but loving it so far. Got an issue on a flow that where I'm trying to ping my printer IP address or local host as Node-Red is installed locally on my windows PC. I can ping my printer from a windows CMD prompt but cant seem to do it from the flow. Does Node-Red have some form of command line interface I can print it from Node-Red or what's the best way to troubleshoot my issue.

Welcome to the forums @Homerjsimpson137.

First question: How are you running Node RED?

  • Natively
  • Docker
  • HA

Plus - what OS

ect etc

if not natively, then undoubtdedly that is your problem.

if you can explain your setup - it will help us to help you

Opps Sorry. Running from Windows PC on Windows 10 Pro. Installed it using npm. I did get it working as the ping command I was using in my flow was using a -c and since Im windows I needed to change that to a Ping -n command. It works from the flow now but would love to know for the future if there is a way to have seen/found this issue without me pulling my hair out. Some like a terminal window within the Node-Red App that I could have pulled up and ran some basic troubleshooting or some like this. Also Im still reading up on Node-Red so not an expert yet but want to make sure my flows are safe and backed up as if they get complicated (and they will), I don't want to have them lost and not be able to run. I need to make Node-Red run all the time and boot up at startup of the PC if for some reason the PC restarts or looses power.

There is a node node-red-node-ping that simplifies all this for you.