Cannot ping out - Node Red on Windows 10

Hello Everyone,

I have used node-red as a network engineer who works in automation. While I have used node-red on vendor hardware where it was pre-installed. I have not used in on windows 10. I am planning to install on some servers for testing internet connection and using that information run some commands.

I have successfully installed NR on my computer with NPM and have node.js installed. I can run NR. I have set a password. I can login the NR when its running from any device on the LAN side using my admin login information.

All three PC's on network have internet (same WAN source). In NR I can use exec node and ping nodes to ping locally. But I cannot for the life of me get the NR on this windows 10 to ping or any other valid WAN side address. I can ping out from all PC's but not from in NR.

What could be going on?


Try it with one of the ping nodes instead the exec node, for example node-red-node-ping (node) - Node-RED

Thanks for fast reply. I have the tried following nodes. Always successful going from NR out to router and two other PC's (all three nodes). None of the below nodes will allow me to ping or


DNS issues? Proxy configuration? Tracert from a shell will tell you more information. Can you ping from a Windows shell by IP address & also by domain name?



Or maybe check what security has been applied to the server. Possibly something is blocking the app from doing things on the network.

Try using the IP address of Google, that will tell you if it is a DNS ISSUE.

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