Stop answering to ping requests

Hi mates, I've a problem with an old videocamera (which producer refuses to correct/improve its firmware), sometimes it's internal RTP server stops working and it's needed to reboot camera to connect again to it. Luckly this camera has an auto restart funcion if it misses to ping an address, for now I scheduled 3 times a day a function on my router that filter out the camera until it restarts, but it's not the best way, I would reset it only when the rtsp fail for some times.

I can test the RTP by the TCP node, but how can I stop the PING (ICMP) answer? Is possibile with Node red to create a second IP address and manage it? Under Windows?
Thank you a lot!

I'm trying to figure out how.. maybe an idea is to execute command lines to create or remove rules in Windows Firewall..
something like this (just to give an idea, it's a wrong rule I know)
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Open Remote Desktop" protocol=TCP dir=in localport=3389 action=allow

I don't know if NR is able to execute these actions, and if it requires an administrative privilege. I suppose so, so NR should be execute as administrator

Yes, Node-RED can execute that. Yes, you need administrator privileges (otherwise any old malware could turn off the firewall).

You would most likely need to be running Windows under system privileges (as a service) or under a user with local admin. However, even local admin users don't get admin privileges in a command shell unless you start the shell with admin. It is possible to write a PowerShell script that raises its own privileges if run under an admin account.

Running Node-RED under an admin account is, of course, a security issue since it could easily trash your system oven on Windows which is generally very good these days at stopping admins from doing really silly things.

thanks a lot for your kind reply, I've found a "lighter" way to solve the problem, I used DOS commands directly. If anyone interested, here is my solution:

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