Some guidence request

I have to create a dashboard which resembles the solutions we used since 2011.
I ditched Win IOT and started to learn how to use Node.Red on Windows and Raspberry.
I have a huge learning curve, but somehow i don't get the part how to design my interface (dashboard).
How to arrange visible elements?

Perhaps watch some tutorials ?

Thanks, but telling me to watch basics does not help.

It doesn't ?
So what is your problem exactly ?

The videos on node-red dashboard give you an excellent start.

If you don't want to spend 20 mins watching a couple to give you a head start you could search this forum, use the Flows or just give it a go by dropping elements onto your flow and reading the excellent built in help on each node.

This will give you an idea of what you can achieve

When you say arranging elements, do you mean something like this?

Is that available now?

Yes as per that post.

Good tip,

I don't understand how to build the interface like er hsve now.
All tools i used before had better interface creation.

It is all open source, so you can provide pull requests with your improvements, which will benefit everyone. Thanks in advance.

Or just explain in normal terms what you are looking for, perhaps some examples etc.

Hi @dirk.schmeckthal

I think it would help if you described a bit more about what you want to do. You started with some questions about how to use the dashboard and @bakman2 pointed you at quite a good introductory tutorial on using the dashboard. But you didn't seem to appreciate that help.

So what type of help, specifically, are you looking for if it isn't a guide to using the dashboard?

to install from master - it is a manual job - cd ~/.node-red && npm i node-red/node-red-dashboard

Oopsy, Missed that bit. :grinning: