Some nodes not showing in 'Manage palette'

I have been unsuccessful in getting node-red-mcu to work (problems installing all the prereq's on my Mac) so I've decided to install it for the time being.

So I went to the sidebar option 'Manage palette' and searched for it and it doesn't show up.
I went to .node-red/node_modules and it is not listed. It turns out it is in

Shouldn't there be away to locate nodes using thIs type of format via the 'manage palette' option?

(I've just deleted the @ralphwetzel folder to accomplish my needs)

The Manage Palette feature only lists modules that contribute nodes to the palette.

If node-red-mcu is a plugin that doesn't include any nodes, it won't show up. This is a known limitation and sat somewhere on a backlog to be looked at.


Hi Paul,
You need to distinguish two topics here ... or perhaps better: We have to write better documentation to distinguish the two topics:

The node-red-mcu-plugin pulls in the node-red-mcu source tree from GitHub as part of it's installation procedure. It yet doesn't - by intention - install any (contributed) nodes from the node-red-mcu package! Therefore it's correct that they don't show up in the palette...

You have to (!) install them (in the sense of "those you think you need") separately from either the node-red-mcu folder within the plugins directory tree or from the node-red-mcu repository at GitHub.

Whatever way you choose, changing the path of the plugin will certainly create additional issues...

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