Feature Request / Potential PR: Allow plugins (that don't include nodes) to be managed by the palette manager

Continuing the discussion from Some nodes not showing in 'Manage palette':

I stumbled - once again - over the fact that a plugin without nodes isn't shown in the Palette Manager; thus, despite the plugin can be installed, it can neither be updated nor removed via this mean.

Would you accept a PR that adds this functionality?

Hi @ralphwetzel

Can I suggest you raise an issue and signal your intent to raise a PR.

Please include an outline of your proposal for discussion.

Also, please include links back to topics of discussion too.

I will be sure to keep an eye out and respond if necessary.

Will do; should the PR raised against dev or the main branch?

Update: Issue report is now established.

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New features against dev please.

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Progress update: PR is (finally) placed! :tada: