Someone is using kubernetes (or alternative) on the edge?

I am just wondering if someone is running node-red and other services in a kubernetes cluster on the edge (= running on the devices at your home/business). I am equally interested in any kubernetes alternatives running on the edge.

I am using docker (at the edge) for quite some time and that is working great and I am thinking if jumping to kubernetes might be a good next step.

The edge devices in my cases are an intel NUC and a bunch of raspberry pi's.

So for me the set of requirements are:

  • different architectures (intel / arm)
  • limited memory (raspberry pi has only 1 GB of RAM).
  • container services should be bound to specific devices and should be able to access/use hardware connected to those devices. (in particular hdmi output / microphone input).

Not a real Dilbert but... :slight_smile:


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