Sonoff TX 2 channel

I just installed a new Sonoff TX 2 channel switch, which I flashed with Tasmota. The MQTT topic is Metal.

I can turn the two channels on and off by the web server. I see in the console that the MQTT topic for

channel 1 is


channel 2 is


When I try to send these commands from node red, it always toggles POWER1, and not POWER2.

Anyone got this thing to work?

19:58:19 MQT: stat/Metal/RESULT = {"POWER1":"OFF"}
19:58:19 MQT: stat/Metal/POWER1 = OFF
19:58:27 MQT: stat/Metal/RESULT = {"POWER1":"OFF"}
19:58:27 MQT: stat/Metal/POWER1 = OFF

To switch you need to cmnd topic
cmnd/Metal/POWER2 ON

Yes. I had to manually inject this into MQTT. The google inject screwed up the command.

What is google inject?

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