Special indication on nodes with description

Not me.

Dont' think Nick or Dave are looking at this either.

It has not been claimed on the FR Issue

Please first update the issue with your intentions, try to keep the scope small initially (indicator/tooltip/jump to docs)

Would you like me to assign the issue to your GH name?

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Do you want me to comment on GH about what I'm going to suggest?

Yes, why not :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not 100% necessary, just if you expand beyond the brief. We like to assess any outlandish :wink: ideas before anyone invests a lot of time.

Not sure its possible without being in the org, but if not, I'll assign it to myself and indicate that you will be having a gogo :wink:

Nah, there will be an icon, a tooltip to say "there is a description" and a click event that triggers RED.sidebar.show('info'). I will see if there is a way to focus on the description in the Sidebar.

Too bad, I have to have write access to be assigned if my memory serves me well, but it's not important :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks

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Is this okay to "reveal" the description?

Capture d’écran 2024-01-25 à 22.28.04

PS: I haven't created the flash function yet.

However the icon in svg... a horror :sweat_smile:

I have reservations about this idea, which is why I haven't jumped on it previously. I think it's going to add visual noise to the flow diagram.

But I'm open to ideas to consider. Mostly likely as an annotation above the node (like the error/change badge).

It just needs to open the info tab - no flashing or other effects.

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I'm thinking of adding a "file-text" icon (in svg) above the node on the right

  • or in the upper right corner of the node?

Add a tooltip description to the icon (description available)
Add a "click" event on this icon which opens the Info Sidebar
Add a "reveal" to tell the user where to look - I see what you mean but how to highlight the description?

What does it look like?

Yes please, along side the error triangle and blue circle.

Hmm, actually, to Nicks point, not so sure that is a good idea. Those are for live issues whereas this is "just" info. So bottom would probably be a lot better?

Probably not quite the right size. But something like this?


Hmm, seeing it here, probably needs to be a little larger but probably not by much.

Inside it's more discreet, bottom yeah why not

It's a bit of my problem at the moment, I'm having trouble managing the svg (it's the first time I've done it)

This one:
Capture d’écran 2024-01-25 à 23.11.33

Or maybe another one if you have preference :man_shrugging:

KISS :slight_smile:

Just use a simple shape, that is less distracting anyway. A simple filled circle is sufficient, its location tells you what it is (along with colour for those with colour vision - which, of course, isn't everyone).

Maybe a beautiful "i" ?

Still more complex than it really needs to be. :wink:

I think if anything it should be not dissimilar to the decorations we already use and be “part of” the modified, and error area we already have. Maybe like that page icon above but just the outline and solid yellow.

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If you mean these decorations, I'm not so sure. None of these are clickable.

I think a link should have some sort of icon, a book, question mark or an italic i perhaps.

ps the red triangle is perfect, does anyone else find the colours of the other two a bit too bright?
And the corpulent square status "LED" hurts to look at; too big, too ugly.

My recommendation would be to start with something really simple like Dave says - it can always be enhanced later. But going the other way likely to be harder.

It really doesn't need much, this is and should be a simple enhancement not something complex.

So a yellow circle? Should I put it above (with the other badges) or below?

This is going to take a few iterations to get the look right. As it stands, I cannot picture anything that wouldn't just add noise to the flow diagram. It would be better to mock up a few ideas, different variations, rather than trying to do a concrete implementation of something first.

I was thinking more like
(same small size as others) on the left hand end of the existing "set"

of course hopefully the others wouldn't be there most of the time :slight_smile:

I like the shape, less the color (finishing detail :slightly_smiling_face:)

But I think it should be inside the node to be more discreet, no?

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