Split text file in multiline message ( Csplit equivalent)

I'm searching a way to split text file based on specific pattern, and then send each part to another node
I know we can emulate this with a csplit linux command, and then loop through file , but if your NRed is dockerized, you need to inject csplit executable during the build process, and i don't like to rebuild a container for each new NRed release

Did someone have a node, a flow or any other idea to start ??

Best regards
Ph Koenig

Welcome to the forum @UnclePhil.

Will the built in Split node do what you want? If not then please provide more details of what you need to do.

Can you explain why we are searching complications during 5 hours when a solution is in the left column ...... :scream:
I'm going to test this with this node that i use in many other projects ....
Many thank's to add light in my day

Best regards
Ph Koenig

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