SQLite - 2 problems

to make you understand I need to tell you my configuration ....
I have one Raspberry Pi4 (so Raspberry original) with node red-mqtt-zigbee2mqtt and this is the primary hardware for my home automation.
I have also one pc (so Kubuntu) with node-red and this is my test environment.
I test here the code changes and after I connect node red on Raspberry to implement changes ....
Yesterday I installed on pc kubuntu SQLite,
I created one database, enter the data and after I copied the db into a folder of Raspberry shared with pc-Kubuntu.
I don't want to install SQLite on Raspberry but I would like to select and update data only with node-red-node-sqlite 1.0.3.
Well, this are my two problems:

  1. with a query on Raspberry I update one record but on pc-kubuntu I don't see the change of the record (with a query select), I have the old value. I need to deploy and so I have the real data.

  2. I cannot insert a record into database from pc-kubuntu with a query of insert because I have this error:


The first problem is not a big problem, but the second is a very big problem because I would like to create query of insert on pc-kubuntu and not on Raspberry; on raspberry I select and update only .....

How can I fix this problems?

What are the sqlite nodes configurations on both node-red's?


That is the node, how have you configured them on the two systems?

This is Raspberry configuration:


and this is Kubuntu configuration:


The path on Kubuntu refers to a folder on Rspberry shared with smb and mount on Kubuntu.
I have all the permission for this folder for Kubuntu; in this folder I have more txt files and I can read, write, delete without problem .....

I did some playing with a DB on a Pi and NR running on both the Pi and a Mac. At one point I hit an IO error and did some searching using 'sharing sqlite db on two computers' and basically this summerizes the results:

SQLite’s use-case is as a single-application datastore. It does this very well, but it was not intended or designed to be a client-server database engine.

Here is another good post to read SQLite Forum: Sharing a SQLite3 Database

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Ok, I understand ...
Thank you very much for help ......

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