SQLITE does not update from database in homenetwork

Hello everybody I am new here. I have an issue with node-red and Sqlite in my home network.

On my Pi3 I have installed MQTT, Node-red(3.0.1) with Sqlite(1.0.3) and a database on the same device.

The database is stored on a free(Samba,WORKGROUP) network folder. From my WinPC(Win11) I have

access to this folder. On the WinPC is also installed Node-red with Sqlite and dashboard. In the dashboard is a table node with via switch node shows the last 50 items from the database(in the PI3). It worked fine but only one time. When I will make a data update und hit the button it will do nothing. It seems that the connection is freeze. On the PI3 is the same configuration installed and it worked properly. Is there a network problem on going?

To clear the situation, I have installed on the WinPC also SQLITE_Studio App. But it is there the same issue. The query will do only one time. But in the log line from the SQLITE_Studio App it is shown that the query was done.

Has some one a tip for me?

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