SQLite Browser based manager

Do we have a node which work like SQLite manager for providing
generic UI to edit table data using browser?

I don't believe so but I'd love to see one! :grinning:

Likewise. That would be a great node and a huge asset to the community.

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Very useful proposal.

I would also like to see MQTT Explorer type of display format on dashboard either using sqlite database as input or directly input from MQTT messages. MQTT Explorer put out lot of data in very organised way with configurable charts. Unfortunately it is still not browser based.

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You could use https://sqlitestudio.pl

Cross platform, open source. standalone.

For web based you could use

What do you exactly want to do ?

How do you want to be able to edit the table data:

  • Is it in the node-red editor via the configuration of a node ?
  • Is it in the node-red dashboard by means of this new node ?
  • or did you have something else in mind.

There are tools to edit an sqlite database like DB browser for SQL lite and the chrome extension SQLite Manager you have mentioned. Are they also not an option ? I admit that in that case you must be careful not to corrupt the sqlite DB by updating it both via node-red and this tool.

What I was looking is a node like tablify ,but should emit actions like add rows ,delete row ,edit row etc.
This will not directly write to DB ,but emit action and data as needed.

For example if we want to delete a row ,it emits rowid of table and action "delete".
If we want to add a row ,it emits new set of data which we enter and "insert" .

If we need to update a row ,it send edited data along with rowid and "update".

The input to this node is from SQLiteDB select statement result.
Does that make sense?.

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Do a search on the forum for crud (and search the 'Flows' tab) and you will find examples of flows that do what you want.

So to put it simply: you want a wrapper around the node-red-node-sqlite that besides doing what it usually does, it also outputs a message (or extends the outputted message) with the following information:

  • action = delete/insert/update
  • rowid
  • inserted or updated row data.

Is that right ?

I think he rather would like something like UI_Table to work seamlessly with a database. Something that has CRUD operations where events (msgs) from that table that state what needs to happen in the database (e.g. delete where key=mag.payload.rowID etc)

But as @zenofmudsaud already, there are a number of crud examples floating around.

Yes partially correct ,it should give a html UI to edit/crud table.
The actions on the table should be routed to node outputs.

Actually I think that it is since I think (though may be wrong) that it is an Electron app (node.js wrapped into an executable with built-in web ui). :grinning: But I get what you are saying. It would be interesting to have it deconstructed as a single-page app that could be run from uibuilder under Node-RED :wink:

I'd forgotten about that, been a while since I used much SQLite. It will be added to my portable apps folder.

:shudder: - trying to do my best to not be using Python right now thanks :grinning:

Unfortunately, this looks like a no-go having read recent (since last summer) reviews which are all 1-star.

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My idea is create a html table like what is done using tablify node.
Then add edit actions to the same html table which will post the sql to another http end point .
Connect the posted sql to sqlite ,which actually does editing.

http get Endpoint ->Select->sqlite->custom Node->HTTP response.
Table editing action will post sql to another http endpoint

HTTP post end point->sqlite.

Looks it is feasible.

Well you should take a look at node-red-node-ui-table and read thru Examples for node-red-node-ui-table for shoe ideas of how to make a table editable.

I'll be interested to see the flow you build.

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