SQlite error with node red on Docker

I am using SQlite to keep some data, where as while passing my query as topic an error is appearing saying ' Error: SQLITE_ERROR: no such table: History_Stop'. I am using a windows 10 system and node red is running on Docker.

I have cross checked mulitple times table name and other things.

Is there a table called History_Stop in your database?

Yes the table is alreay available. I have tested query for the other available table in the same database, but still error coming.

How have you mounted the database into the docker container?

The container will be using unix paths, not Windows file paths.

Hi hardillb,
The database is not mounted on the docker.
For docker path not cleared to me what you talking about.
I have never used docker, my node red was already hosted by someone else.

Docker containers have no access to files on the host system unless you explicitly share them with the container (and even then you will access them using a unix style path).

So the reason it says it can't find the table is because it has created a new empty SQLite database inside the container which contains no tables.

If the Node-RED images is being remotely hosted in somebody else's Docker environment then it definitely will not have any access to the SQLite file on your local machine.

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