SQLite Install Problem

Hi, i try to install sqlite via manage palette, and the manage palette tab shows that sqlite is installed, but i don't see it in the list of node tabs. i try to intall it via command (npm install node-red-node-sqlite) on Win, but still nothing. Any help?

I see you have installed multiple sqlite nodes, they may be interacting. I suggest you remove them all except the one you want to use.

Also, have you installed sqlite on your windows computer?

I delete all sqlite nodes and than re-install them, successfully..

I try to install SQLite on my Win, but i receive this:


I watch from here

Where can be the problem?

What are the files in the folder?

sqldiff, sqlite3, sqlite3_analyzer

Are they in the c:/sql folder?

You might want to look at that guide for installing SQLite again

The picture i sent previously did not show the folder, that i'm in to ?

Well if you loook at the install instructions you provided it says:

but in the next picture you have this:
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 10.23.43 AM

Looks to me like you put them in the wrong place. You might want to try moving them.

I fix it.
Thank you for showing my mistake!

Which is better for SQL GUI- SQLiteStudio or DBeaver?

You got me, I’m a Mac man :grin: