Start Flows from Dashboard

Hi all,
i want to start 3 Flows by clicking on 1 Button on the Dashboard.
Is there any way to achieve this? Or any Workarounds?
I didn't find anything like this...


Welcome to the forum @bernhard-mischokacad

What do you mean by start a flow? Do you mean to send a message into the flow? If so then the dashboard button sends a message when you press it, so you can just connect the button into your flow.

Thanks @Colin
yes and no :wink: 3 of my Flows are started TimeBased (Injection-Node which sends the actual TimeStamp). And sometimes i want to start all of these 3 Flows manual - the easiest way as User is perhaps to click on a Button on the Dashboard!?
I can actually inject 1 Flow per Button. Do i really need 3 Buttons for 3 Flows?

No, you can connect the button to all the flows, using link nodes if necessary to connect across flows.

Thanks!!! This is it for what i was searching. Works perfect!

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