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I've created a start-crash-restart loop and I need to start NR in Docker with the flows stopped so I can fix it. I tried --safe but Docker refuses it so I'd like to set whatever in settings.js so I can startup without the crash. I'm sparing you the details of how I got here because I don't think I need advice beyond how to start with flows stopped.

On a related note, I also haven't found the complete list of settings that can be used in settings.js so I'll appreciate a pointer, if it exists.

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Hi @LosinIt

The docker docs in how to start in safe mode are here: Running under Docker : Node-RED

In summary, add -e NODE_RED_ENABLE_SAFE_MODE=true to the docker run command.

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Is there a list of settings for settings.js?

you can find the list of Configuration options for the settings.js file here

Related setting to stopping/starting flows from the Editor (introduced in Node-red version 3)
Editing stopped flows

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Thank you much!


Does not include the settings cited in

So I have to wonder what else it is missing. I understand that docs often lag so it would be useful to have the NR version that is current cited on each page when it's updated in order to have a clue that there might be missing items introduced/changed in later NR versions.

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