STATUS node - problem? (in subflows)

NR 3.0.2

I am playing with subflows.

I have a status node in it but it seems I am seeing a bit of wrong information.
(How many nodes are being monitored)

Looking at the status node. It says 2.
Here you can see all the nodes listed.
But only 1 has a tick in it.

Sorry, am I missing something?

have you deleted a node that WAS being monitored?

Refresh browser - does that fix it?

Open status node, select another, click done, open it and deselect (leaving 1) does that fix it?

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ITMT, I unticked the node.

Closed the status edit node.

Value went to 0.

Opened the status node. Reticked and closed the edit.

1 now.

Sorry, thanks.

I guess I'll have to chalk it up to history.

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