Status node should check if configured node(s) exist

If you create a new project and import the following:

[{"id":"ed358218.fba33","type":"tab","label":"oprhaned status node","disabled":false,"info":""},{"id":"7dc15cf6.724b44","type":"status","z":"ed358218.fba33","name":"","scope":["84ee6934.c6f388"],"x":440,"y":120,"wires":[[]]}]

You can deploy the flow and there's no error and no warning, that the monitored 84ee6934.c6f388 node does not exist.

The icon claims it is monitoring 1 node:


And only double-clicking on the node and confirming with Done button refreshes the state.

This situation happens on export-import, copy-paste, or if the monitored node gets deleted.

To me it is a configuration mismatch - I think the red triangle should appear at some moment (I don't know the internals, so I'm not sure which, probably upon deployment).

Or at least the counter should be updated not to reflect ghost nodes.

What do you think?

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