Stop node red at boot

So, I understand how to start node red in safe mode but how do I get in front of node red on boot? It is set to start up at boot from systemctl and when node red starts it crashes the Pi. I know what I did wrong but I can't figure out how to get in front of node red on boot.
Pi 4 running PI OS


If you can get at the card contents, in a USB SD card reader, or maybe init=/bin/sh, then deleting /etc/systemd/system/ is equivalent to systemctl disable nodered

I think I have a card reader somewhere, I'll have to go hunt for it

So.... got a card reader and put into my Windows machine and I assume I can't read the Linux / Pi OS file system because there isn't anything resembling that file path on the card

just to complete the loop, google showed lot's of software I could get for free to read linux files, anything free I'm immediately suspicious, so I reformated the sd and reinstalled.

Thanks for the thoughts and help

Here are a couple of options.

Access to Ext 2/3/4, HFS and ReiserFS from Windows| DiskInternals

Windows 10 Ubuntu Bash Shell: How Do I Mount Other Windows Drives? - Super User

Get started mounting a Linux disk in WSL 2 | Microsoft Docs

If you have WSL, you should be able to access ext formatted sd-card partitions. That last link is from Microsoft docs.

Too late now but:
You can boot a Windows pc from a linux live CD/dvd/usb drive without installing anything on the PC.

With a spare Raspbian SD card you could do it from the Pi.

It's a complete mystery why Microsoft would go to the effort of providing a Linux shell for Windows 10 and still not provide ext4 disk support.
"Not invented here" disease maybe.

A spare rpi is always good to have in this kind of situations, just plugin a usb sd card reader with the faulty setup, you should then find it under /media

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