Store data arduino to SQL SERVER

How to store data sensor from arduino to sql server ?,

Thank you

Have you looked at for flows that might get you started?

Break your problem down into little steps and tackle the first one getting the data into node-RED

There are many posts about getting data to Node-red via MQTT - start there.

Once you have that working, look into adding node-red-contrib-mssql-plus via the pallete.

If you get stuck, search here & if necessary, ask a question, showing your progress & screen shots.

My two bits (if your Arduino is anchored to a desktop); use the following two nodes:

  • Use the Arduino Serial library functions to format the payload and read it using the serial node
  • Use the sql node to insert into database

If your Arduino has Wi-Fi (e.g. MKR series or the newer Wi-Fi 2 shield) then you can use the MQTT library as others have suggested (give some thought to the broker depending on computing resources at your disposal) to pub the data and then use MQTT node to sub the data for use in your flows (including db INSERTs) as you wish. There are extensive examples on crafting the [[[payload]]] for inserting multiple VALUES in a single INSERT statement (if applicable for your use case - sensor emanating multiple streams of data). Once you receive the data from the Arduino at the head of a flow (even before the INSERT operation), the options are truly very extensive and "rich" given so many nodes and so little time.

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Ok, thanks guys,