Node Red data to SQL database

While working with machine vibration and temperature, I want to create vibration and temp different values database .For this, I am using ESP32 and vibration sensor .Can you suggest to me how to send data from Node-Red to SQL?


What kind of SQL database? Are we talking local sqlite instance, or a hosted postgres or oracle, or anything in between? What have you tried so far?

I got to say I hadn't ever heard of NCD, let alone their industrial iot wireless sensor products. Since joining the forum this is the third topic I'm seeing about one of those sensors. They look pretty nice, just outside my own budget range :slight_smile: From those previous topics I've learned that NCD has a tutorial on how to connect the sensors to Node-RED. Have you been following that tutorial, and can you show what you have written so far?

Is your esp sending any data ? to where ? Easiest would be to include the pubsub library to enable MQTT and work with a MQTT broker, which in turn can talk to node-red/database.

also look on the site - and search for sql - there are example nodes and flows on there that may help.

If you want to be able to show charts of the data then you might like to look at Influxdb and grafana. Many people use node-red with influx for time series data storage, and grafana for showing charts, bar graphs etc.