NodeRed + Database

Hello NodeRed community;

I am trying to develop an application where I have to send data to a database. I would like to have the database in the cloud due to "security" reasons and run NodeRed in my laptop. I have been trying with firebase but I couldnt. Also, I would like to try with SQL and Google Cloud. I need to creat reports of all the data. Any advise?

Thank you!!


These are very general specifications... you need to give more details. And most of what you are asking about is architectural rather than code-centric. Each cloud provider has different ways of provisioning systems with different capabilities and data access / storage methods.

Generally you can put almost any database (including NOSQL or other data storage tools) 'in the cloud'. Then you need to configure them to allow access to JUST you. Then add schema to the DB. Then connect your UI to the DB.

Reporting against the DB can be as simple as running a few queries and displaying the results / charts etc. on a Node-RED Dashboard or perhaps you need the power of Grafana. Or maybe you need a complete BI tool with a dedicated data lake. We don't know because you have not shared your needs.

But ALL of this is completely possible using Node-RED - perhaps with integration to other tools / components.

Start small - work on a simple proof of concept running on a small instance like a laptop or Raspberry Pi. Figure it all out. Choose a DB. Choose a preferred UI toolset. Build the UI. Test / validate it all. Move it to the cloud when stable.


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