Cloud DB for node red output

So after lots of effort i succeeded to connect my Xiaomi temp sonsor to node red

Now - i want to export the data to Cloud DB that i can access from any where i want

what is the best DB for node red?


There is no best DB - but if you want to export what sounds like Time series data then InfluxDB will be your best option and then use Grafan to extract and present data

If you are asking where this exists for free (or otherwise) in the cloud - can not tell you - however there was a recent thread about Oracle Offering free (for ever) instances of NR on the internet - these appeared to be just standard VMs/Containers that you could add additional software to - such as the above two packages.

Dependant on the volume of data and of the entry level cloud serives (AWS, Google etc) are very cost effective for this sort of thing also


First thank you!

If i will have a VM with InfluxDB - I need a way to transfer to file from my Raspberry Pi, right?

Can you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve? You said you want a database that you can access from anywhere, but what do you want to do with the data in the database? Presumably you want to display it in some way, if so then what application are you going to use for displaying it?

I have done something similar. I would suggest looking at this video. Once I used this option I was able to move to AWS and it works great

Yes :grinning:

I have RaspberryPi0 that run node red and connect to Xiaomi temperature sensors
(also connected to the Internet through a cellular AP)

In the end, I want a way to see a visual graph of the data but not locally - from the internet

We have used AWS Dynamo DB, Google Firestore and Firebase, and IBM's Cloudant/CouchDB to do this very successfully. They all have good free tiers for you to experiment with and - so long as the data throughput and storage is within sensible bounds, they are all very good value and have good interfaces. (I particularly like Google's Firebase interface.)

Nice thing about all of the above is that, because they are (basically) just Json stores, they work really well with the type of data that gets passed through Node Red. Personally, I found Dynamo and Firebase were particularly easy to use. Firestore takes a bit of getting used to as the document model is slightly different but is great if that is what you need. There are Nodes for all of the above that you can search for and use.

You can also store Json directly in PostgreSQL - we have built a node to facilitate this [for a commercial project - so sorry )-: we can't release it just yet]

My company is planning a potential launch of a CouchDB based DB as a subscription service. Essentially, a European based alternative to the big US companies. If you would be willing to share your thoughts on what you need, we'd be very interested to hear what people are looking for.