Strategy for download between docker container and localhost

Hello everyone,

I have a node red flow with dashboard running in a docker container.
I have the download option on the dashboard to copy files from an RPi to the local PC, however I need a strategy to download the container to the localhost (local PC). Through scp I can already download the RPi to the container, however I don't know how I can do the end of the process (from the container to the location).

Does anyone have any idea how to do it or has anyone done something related?

Thank you all

named volume won't help?
if you are using docker-compose.
then first you declare the named volume (share) in the section


then you plug / forward it inside the container

    - share:/home/share

named containers on linux can usually be found here /var/lib/docker/volumes/docker_share/_data

scp /var/lib/docker/volumes admin@ipPC:/home/admin from RPi to PC
scp admin@ipRPi:/home/admin /var/lib/docker/volumes from PC to RPi
you may need to correctly arrange the permissions for reading and writing in the directory

It may be more convenient to use NFS or Samdo. You can pass a named volume to any number of containers

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