Strava node will break after Sept 15th 2019 due to auth change

Strava is removing their 'forever tokens' and going with a different method.
This change will break this node.
I have taken a quick look at the code and its a bit beyond my skill set.
Is anyone using this node and is a programmer?

Here are the details.

Which node specifically are you talking about? Maybe raise an issue against it so it's author is made aware?

It is part of this collection;

I went to raise an issue there, but the instructions said to report it here.

Ok. The people who contributed a lot of the web nodes have long since moved on from Node-RED. Please do still raise an issue, but I don't know when Dave or I will get a chance to look as neither of us use Strava.

So of anyone in the community uses that node and wants to help, contributions welcome.

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