[UPDATE] : node-red-contrib-zwave-js V9

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I published an update on the forums, so you know... here it is.

I have just released V9 of node-red-contrib-zwave-js.

V9 has some breaking changes, and importantly contains some deprecations that you need to prepare yourself with, for when the next major release (v10) is made available

V10 is being worked (and in fact, was started before v9)
V10 will likely be my biggest challenge, as its re-writing the entire code base from scratch using typescript, not to mention a massive UI re-write.

But more on that closer to the time, for now please see below for V9

Breaking Changes

  • The min node version is now 18
  • If you execute certain methods your self, the following have been renamed
    • beginHealingNetwork -> beginRebuildingRoutes
    • stopHealingNetwork -> stopRebuildingRoutes
    • healNode -> rebuildNodeRoutes

New Features

  • Added getValueTimestamp to the Value API - args will be the single Value ID
    The event will be VALUE_TIMESTAMP


  • Bump ZWave JS to v12
  • The lastSeen property will now use the Drivers internal value, which is persistant between reboots


  • The old message format has now been deprecated, and support will be removed in V10.
  • Support for responseThroughEvent will be removed in V10 (all methods will return in v10)
  • Support for forceUpdate will be removed in V10 (you will be required to manage this your self if using the CC API)
  • Support for getLastEvents will be removed in V10.
    (the introdcution of the persistant lastSeen value and getValueTimestamp has made this somewhat bloatware)